Dr. Charles F. Coniglio I-O Psychologist

Dr. Charles Coniglio is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, Consultant, Society of Human Resource Management Certified Professional, author, researcher, coach, trainer, and training developer. He has over 30 years of experience working with businesses of all sizes providing coaching, program management, training, organizational analysis, change management, process improvement, and Human Resource Management expertise to improve individual and group performance. Dr. Coniglio has a passion to provide organizations and individuals the tools, processes, and practices necessary for long-term sustainable success

Core Coaching Skills

                • Career Development
                • Leadership Development
                • Team Building
                • Personality Assessment
                • Conflict Resolution
                • Goal Setting

Core Coaching Tools

              • Co-Active Coaching Method
              • Myers-Briggs Type Indicators
              • Strong Interest Inventory
              • Thomas Killman Conflict Mode Instrument