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Welcome to Elevate Mental Health Wellness. We are a group of psychotherapists providing all aspects of mental health services, from therapy to medication management. We use the wellness model approach to therapy. Helping individuals, couples, children, families, and groups to elevate their mental health and wellness one step at a time.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide the highest quality of mental health services to individuals, couples, families, and their communities. We want to empower and elevate individuals to live their best lives through the mind-body wellness connection. This approach connects a person’s thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, and physical health. Healthy Body + Healthy Mind = Healthy Life.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to create a safe and comfortable environment that empowers our clients to learn confidently and grow. We are committed to the wellness of all individuals through prevention, intervention, treatment, and education.

Strategy: “How we will achieve our vision.” We will achieve our vision by promoting resilience, strength, and emotional well-being for individuals through education and collaboration. We will continue to increase awareness and access to mental health resources by advocating, encouraging, and coordinating innovative, judgment-free community-based services in a dignified and respectful manner. 

Goals & Objectives: Mental health is an incredibly important part of overall health. We believe mental health is for everyone and should be available to all. Our goal is to create tools that guide people to take control and advocate for their physical, mental, and spiritual health.

  1. Define emotional and mental health. Increase understanding of mental health.
  2. Describe self-esteem and self-care and how it improves overall health.
  3. Teach self-awareness and the warning signs our body gives us.  
  4. Create an individualized treatment plan. 
  5. Offer groups to better help clients and the community.
  6. Provide community resources to better assist our clients and their families.

To make an appointment or request more information from our team, Call 775-470-5515 or fill out the form on the right. We will respond promptly!