Meet our Therapists

Charlotte and Ellie Mae

Charlotte Coniglio is a Licensed  Psychoanalyst who believes and practices the wellness model of mind-body in treating her clients.  Everyone is unique and no one method works for everyone.  She holds a Masters’s Degree in Counsiling.  Along with her Therapy Dog Ellie Mae she welcomes you to her practice.

Tenaya and Annie

Tenaya Ideker is a Licensed Psychoanalyst who along with her Therapy Dog Annie helps her clients in all aspects of their lives.  She holds a Masters degree in Social Work.  Along with her Therapy Dog Annie she welcomes you to her practice.


Meet our I-O Psychologist

Dr. Charles F. Coniglio

Dr. Charles F. Coniglio is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist specializing in all areas of Coaching Business and Human Resource consulting. He is ready to help all individuals improve their work life balance.

Meet our Office Manager

Brittni Crossman

Brittni Crossman is our Office Manger responsible for scheduling your visit and excellent client service.